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LS Hospitality

The service oriented restaurant management software

Connoisseurs of the hospitality business will vouch for the fact that happy, smiling and satisfied customers are one of most important indicators of having achieved superlative success. Technology plays a tremendous role in fuelling the passions of today's leading food entrepreneurs, many of who have experienced significant benefits with the new LS Hospitality Suite. With features like mobile ordering, loyalty applications, web-shopping, bulk item uploading, discount management, and statistical strategizing to name a few, this state-of-the-art product has by far surpassed the expectations of its end-users.


LS One Hospitality

  •    POS
  •    Restaurant Management
  •    Marketing
  •    Customer Loyalty

LS Nav Hospitality

  •    Restaurant POS
  •    Restaurant and Table Management
  •    Restaurant and Table Management
  •    Customers and Mobile
  •    Staff
  •    Reporting


 Central Restaurant Management

LS Retail's powerful data replication system provides consistent recipes, combo meal deals and product choices across headquarter, POS and Kitchen Display Systems. With this, customers can enjoy the same preferences irrespective of the restaurant's location, size and operator. The Kitchen Display Server is an important component that ensures real time communication from the server to the kitchen. With this newly launched module, orders can be split as per type - salads, grills, drinks, entrées and desserts and can be printed at the respective counters in the kitchen.

 Visual Product Configurator

Fine dining restaurants now have the added advantage of managing their table layouts with an intuitive graphical interface that is integrated with the POS system in real-time. Customers and hospitality staff can be assured of an easier restaurant experience with automated table status monitoring, bill splitting and order transfer features.

 Mobile hospitality POS

The best part of this hospitality management software is the mobile POS which gives hosts and attendants the flexibility of taking orders and payments directly at the table. In addition to the independence received by the staff, this feature promises of better business for restaurant owners due to increased table turns, and more enjoyable experiences to customers who can now make use of the system's mobile loyalty and allergen management features.

 Advanced meal planning

A special, personalized shopping experience can be created for customers using LS Retail's advanced analytic features. Daily dashboards and KPI monitors enable analysts to identify combo products, best-selling items and excelling sales personnel, along with performing in-depth store-wise and product wise comparisons for highlighting buying trends, financial loss and theft scenarios.

 Strategical reporting with LS BI

Planners can make use of the all powerful LS BI solution that comes with 10 built-in OLAP cubes for the restaurant and hospitality industry. The areas covered are Finance, Sales, Inventory, Supply Chain Management, Loss Prevention, Campaign Management, Customer Analysis and Loyalty. The LS BI module is integrated with LS NAV reporting and can be accessed via mobile, web and traditional system interfaces. In addition to the LS BI, the Kitchen Display Server (KDS) also has a performance monitoring component to give detailed analysis on items, orders, and menus.


 Customized marketing

Seasoned marketers know that different strokes work for different folks. The LS Hospitality set of tools gives marketing professionals the extra edge for planning and executing various loyalty and outreach campaigns based on intelligent customer segmentation information.

 Robust resiliency

Being real time and connected is one of the most important features of a POS-back-office-store infrastructure for today's profitable hospitality organizations. The LS Hospitality product suite works in the offline as well as the online mode, ensuring that the cash register can keep ringing in sales even during unprecedented network outages.

 Easy staff training

End-users can get on-boarded to the new software easily and effortlessly with LS Hospitality's intuitive, user friendly interface. It is only a matter of few transactions that are needed for operators to get comfortable with the system. What's more, screen menus and layouts can be personalized to give each user the navigations that they are most familiar with. For those that feel the need for additional training, Godrej Infotech Limited has a dedicated training team to bring users up to speed with all necessary functionalities.

 Loss prevention

Inventory shrinkage and staff theft are some of the very real threats that are faced by rapidly growing organizations. In the hospitality industry, these scenarios can easily be avoided by in-built, lie-detector type intelligence that scans transactions across stores for highlighting anomalies and irregular situations for which corrective actions can then be easily taken.

 Attract millennials

It is a universal truth that a majority of customers that frequent cafés, fine dining and quick service restaurants belong to the 'youth' category, no matter which region or type of outlet. Organizations can now better focus on this new age demographic by modern, omni-channel loyalty and web-shopping applications that can be easily accessed from smart phones, laptops and tablets.


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