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Infor Advanced Scheduling

The constraint based scheduling system for batch processing

Process manufacturing organizations such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, bio-technology and gasoline companies need specialized systems to cater to their unique business needs. For those organizations that have reached a level of maturity in operating automated production lines, it is time to move to the next step of the value chain by setting up synchronized scheduling. Infor Advanced Scheduling is a specialized software for managing batch production in milk, paint, beverages, beer, food and other process based industries. In such industries, streamlined flow of liquid materials is of utmost importance in order to keep production numbers aligned with the market demand. Infor's Advanced Scheduling software provides intelligent features such as visual Gantt chart production schedule optimization supplemented with easy web based publishing options for smooth integration and collaboration amongst the supply chain community. The product is also well equipped to handle accurate resource measurements for waste products and durations of changeovers, installations and down time so that an organization's loss due to these aspects can be minimized.


  •    Inventory
  •    Schedule
  •    Batches
  •    Products
  •    Factory
  •    Automation
  •    Integration


 Graphical scheduling

An organization's success is often determined by the attention to detail given during the planning phase. With Infor Advanced Scheduling, expert users have just the right tool in hand for creating collaborative real time schedules for effective flow execution. Some of the highlights are:

  •    Simulation based planning
  •    Intuitive visual Gantt charts
  •    Drag and drop capabilities
  •    Easy conflict resolution
  •    Dashboard with colour coded violations
  •    Dynamic adjustments with minute level precision

 Production synchronization

The ideal case of a streamlined production environment is when all the materials and resources required for subsequent activities are available as soon as the current activity is completed. With Infor Advanced Scheduling this ideal case is very much a daily experience as real time production and packaging information is available across all departments of the organization. Organizations can benefit significantly from absolute optimal order to ship cycles as there is clear elimination of unnecessary interactions.

 Advanced cleaning methods

In any production environment, there are standard Cleaning in Place (CIP) procedures that are followed to ensure regular plant hygiene and safety. This activity, when done pro-actively can lead to huge savings on the financial front as when compared to the same being done on an emergency basis due to unforeseen downtime. Infor Advanced Scheduling can be configured to automatically trigger these processes based on time and quantity based rules. As a result, plant wear and tear is greatly reduced, leading to greater lifetime of materials and equipment.

 Small batch production

Sometimes, limited release, small batch production activities need to be planned at the micro level. The product's small batch workbench provides for smaller duration activities to be planned in a tabular format since regular techniques such as the Gantt charts have proved to be inappropriate for these kind of super fast productions.

 Performance metrics

Built-in personalization techniques aid the system users to package goods based on the unique preferences of each customer. Different types of containers, sizes, pallets, dimensions and weights are recorded in the Infor WMS system so that the final shipped package is reflected as-is in the system.


 Win customer delight

Customers that get their product delivered on time, as per specifications, and as per international quality benchmarks are sure to get delighted, leading to growth in production and repeat orders. With the scheduling system in place, an organization's internal processes become easy, smart, and profitable, resulting in accurate execution of customer orders.

 Reduce risk

The risk of financial, material, and equipment loss due to unprecedented external and internal events is huge in the process manufacturing industry. With an automated system in place, compliance regulations can be adhered to easily and adjustments to market dynamics can be done quickly so as to get a tight control on end-to-end operations.

 Easy search and filter

Speed of action is of most importance to end users of any automated system. Infor Advanced Scheduling has highly optimized filter and search features giving users just the right level of visibility to relevant information for effective and quick decision making.

 Cost effectiveness

Organizations can now reduce operation overruns in terms of schedule, resources and cost and minimize loss due to scrap items. With effective scheduling, orders can be delivered on time with the shortest possible production cycles.

 Access to predictibility

Senior business leaders of an organization need to be one step ahead in paving the way towards a more profitable future. First hand knowledge on whether the organization's factories have the ability to handle volume expansions and changes in product mixes is of utmost value to key stakeholders that are responsible for determining the upcoming directions of the company.