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Infor ION


Infor's Intelligent Open Network (ION) is a simple, scalable and powerful middleware that empowers large organizations to bring together all that is relevant from their IT ecosystem into a single cohesive platform. An XML Standards Based System, Infor ION is available in on-premise, cloud and hybrid options. Recent additions are the new HTML5 enabled open and flexible framework that makes it easy to interface with mobile based services. The internet based architecture is built on a publish-subscribe based service bus with each application having a single point of connectivity. This makes it cheaper as compared to traditional point-to-point middleware. Training costs are also considerably lower since existing IT applications can be re-used and new applications can be added effortlessly based on business needs.


 Core Modules

  •    Workflow and Event Management
  •    Technology Connector
  •    ION Pulse
  •    Enterprise Search


 Collaboration Friendly Workspaces

With the Infor ION workspace, you can now have information from various disparate sources combined in a single view. Users can benefit greatly from the real-time context sensitivity feature which automatically displays appropriate details based on the current task. A product specifically designed with end user ease in mind, the look and feel and navigation has been built to be in harmony with other Infor products.

 Intelligent Reports

Since the INFOR ION platform has access to critical business inputs from the entire operational chain, it is also the best source for running intelligence reports. The platform can also take in feeds from social and mobile platforms, making it a rich and robust collection of business information. The ION Business Vault is a central mega mart that stores real time information for all that is needed to keep your organization running in a smooth and streamlined manner.

 Real Time Event Publishing

In Infor ION, business information is sent across multiple systems using Business Object Documents (BODs). Individual systems can be configured to publish documents on pertinent events such as when a new customer is added or when a new purchase order is generated. These events can be communicated to all those who are subscribed to them, making enterprise wide communication quick, real time and precise.

 Extensible Document Flows

Infor ION's intuitive modelling tool can be used by all types of business users to build rule based dynamic workflows and event monitors. The ION Workflow Engine supports pre-configured, manual and on-demand workflows so that approvals can be made quickly with all relevant information in hand. If a new application is to be added to an existing document workflow, it can be done seamlessly without any downtime on already connected systems.

 Multiple Technology Connectors

The flexibility of the Infor ION Platform is achieved by the significant number of channels that are available to connect with Infor and non-Infor applications. The ION Connect Toolkit provides a set of pre-packaged connectors that make it extremely easy for interfacing with multiple types of systems. Customers can derive considerable financial value by following this loose coupling model of leveraging existing IT investments. Options are available for asynchronous message based as well as synchronous request-response based communication. The connection mechanisms include JDBC, JMS, Infor, Infor Cloud, Database, Flat File, Web Services, Tibco, WebSphere, EDI, Microsoft® CRM, Salesforce.com, SAP®, and Oracle® EBS.


 Proven Resiliency

Being one of the most robust middleware solutions in the market today, Infor ION is built with a strong framework with features like auto scaling, failover, audit tracking and secured message delivery. Due to the nature of the publish-subscribe model, the entire system continues to function as expected even if one or more sub-systems fail or need to be disengaged temporarily. Additionally, if the underlying schema of the publishing system is upgraded due to changes in business scenarios, the model ensures that there is no need for consequent upgrades to connecting systems and that existing reports and functions remain unaffected by the upgrade.

 Improved Exception Management

Users want to take immediate action when an exception occurs. Most of the time, the action can be automated without requiring any manual intervention from the business side. Infor ION's state-of-the-art Alert Management feature allows Business Analysts to configure triggers when values go above standard expected numbers or when actions have not taken place as per planned dates. The system can also apply intelligent analysis on the alerts based on the relationship metadata present in the Business Object Documents (BODs). For example, if a certain shipment is delayed, available invoice information can be used to immediately inform all stakeholders so that supply chain efficiency can be maintained throughout the operations life cycle.

 Reduced IT Dependency

The Infor ION product suite has been designed keeping business process users in mind. The simplicity of the user friendly, drag and drop interface allows business users to take charge of modelling processes in the way they see it best without the need to depend on extensive IT know-how. The IT department can thus be utilized for better purposes making this a win-win situation for the entire organization.

 Live Rollouts

For organizations that have deployment sites spread across multiple regions, adding a new IT system to existing infrastructure comes with the risk of lengthy execution cycles, unforeseen issues and cost overruns. The unique feature with the Infor ION platform is that you can test your new integrated system with live data and take real time corrective actions so as to eliminate system downtime and operational discrepancies.

 Cost Effectiveness

The most important advantage of the Infor ION platform is that organizations can continue to reap benefits from their existing IT systems. The ION middleware works brilliantly to connect and add new systems, taking the critical inputs from each system to create a balanced, accurate and extensible decision making ecosystem.