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Infor LN


Godrej Infotech Limited and Infor today celebrate a 12 Year Strong Partnership of providing best-in-class IT implementation and Consultancy services to Discrete Manufacturing, Metallurgical, Hi-Tech Engineering, Logistics, Automotives and Transportation Industries. Starting from the BaaN range of products to the most recent cloud enabled solutions on the Infor 10x platform, we have built our expertise across the entire spectrum of implementation, customization, integration, application support and maintenance services. With a considerable number of customers and deployment sites worldwide, we are humbled to be an Infor Channel Partner for over a decade now. We have grown tremendously in the value chain and are today involved in co-development engagements to build extensions to standard Infor Products in the areas of Payroll, EXIM and Quality Management.

Our Infor Business Unit is at the forefront of the technology revolution and is geared to create value added all-in-one solutions in the areas of distributed supply chain integration, freight management and mobile workforce enablement. We closely follow Infor's philosophy of building innovative solutions that address each and every link of the business collaboration chain. We are happy to report that our customers have found Infor implementations to be predictable, secure and highly effective in achieving the goals of commerce continuity and scalability.

An award winning ERP Software, the Infor LN product has more than 25 years of multi-industry, multi-location functional and technical expertise built into it. One of the most renowned ERP solutions in the market today, the Infor LN enterprise product suite is best fit for mid-to-large scale enterprises that have a significant number of automated collaborative operational processes spread across departments, functions, roles, regions, languages and industry verticals. For those that are looking for a lower total cost of ownership, Infor provides deployment flexibility using open stack platforms such as:

  •     Red Hat
  •     EnterpriseDB
  •     SQL Database
  •     JBoss Middleware


 Core Modules

  •    Financials
  •    Shop Floor Control
  •    Order Management
  •    CRM
  •    Service Life Cycle Management
  •    Manufacturing Management
  •    Supply Chain Management
  •    Quality Management
  •    Configuration Management


 Visual Product Configurator

Infor ERP LN's in-built product configurator allows for state-of-the-art 2D and 3D visual modelling - right from design, assembly, finishing and post purchase phases. The rules based system takes in current market prices, complementary component configurations and customer preferences to create exact versions of digital and physical products. Automated bill of materials and routings gives manufacturing organizations the much needed precision and consistency in quality, price and service areas.

 Global Financial Visibility

When organizations are spread across geographies and divisions, having an overall picture of the financial health of the company is imperative to taking critical business decisions. With the Infor ERP LN, important financial processes such as planning, budgeting and forecasting can be done at micro as well as macro levels for reaching the goal of optimal resource utilization.

 Full Product Lifecycle Visibility

Now you can fine tune the product assembly process right down to individual component level traceability. With this in place, organizations can generate additional revenue by offering extensive warranty plans and budget friendly product recycling schemes.

 Clear Collaboration

Infor LN is now integrated with Infor's ultra modern business collaboration platform, Infor Ming.le. End users can get all necessary work updates in the form of mobile alerts and accordingly take next steps of action. Approvals can happen faster because of seamless inter-department movement of all relevant decision making documents.

 Embedded Analytics

Infor Analytics is ranked at number one in Business Intelligence Capabilities as per research conducted by the world renowned Dresner Advisory Services. The recent updates are the inclusion of Google map based location intelligence features in the BI suite, making region based analytics easy and visual. What's more, there is a self service model that facilitates the creation of user dashboards, reducing the overall work load on the IT department.


 Intuitive User Interface

When it comes to user experience, Infor firmly believes that 'Beautiful' is as important as 'Useful'. An investment in hiring the best of visual experience experts, fashion designers and film makers has led to a sleek, superior, HTML 5 based, responsive and engaging user interface specially created to delight end users with ease of use, speed and flexibility.

 Streamlined Supply Chain

Infor LN is now moving from the individual ERP model for each component of the supply chain to the 'multi-enterprise ERP' model that aims to connect and collaborate across all touch points of suppliers, contract manufacturers, retailers and customers. Having a unified platform right from procurement, assembly, shipment and maintenance gives large enterprises the confidence of being in charge of all aspects of their operational processes.

 Easy Upgrades

Whatever your current version, you can now easily upgrade to newer versions of the Infor LN platform without the need to port cumbersome legacy customizations. Godrej Infotech Limited offers a 100% Safe Upgrade Plan that completely de-risks the traditional worries of loosing critical functionalities and optimizations that have been done in legacy systems.

 Cloud Deployments

The Infor LN Enterprise Software Suite is now available on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform so that customers can benefit from the price benefits of SaaS based solutions. Other advantages such as on-demand scalability and better disaster recovery are now encouraging large conglomerates to start taking steps of moving towards cloud enablement.

 Powerful Extensibility

The core Infor LN Platform can be easily extended by integrating with complementary niche applications such as Infor ION, BI and CRM. The product can also be combined with other third party tools in order to create a wholistic software experience for all end users, inside and outside the organization.