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Infor SCE

The software that assures of impeccable supply chain execution

A critical component of an organization's Supply Chain Management ecosystem, the Infor SCE software is a state-of-the-art system that combines warehouse, transportation, billing and labour management solutions all in a single unified product. Specially fit for organizations that are catering to distribution, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, food, and 3PL services, Infor SCE has a modern, collaborative, and interactive user interface, with voice activation and radio enablement being the key differentiators that make this product a leader amongst the current generation of supply chain offerings in the market. For any organization that is serious about streamlining its supply chain, access to real-time and accurate market information is what matters most. In addition to providing organization's with speed of operations, this product is simple to learn and easy to deploy, giving it a popularity edge amongst both - end users as well as consumer organizations.


  •    Transportation Management
  •    3PL Billing and Labour Management
  •    Warehouse Director Mobile Platform
  •    Business Application Studio


 Dynamic warehouse management

Infor SCE offers warehouse management solutions that have been designed to take into account the unique type and size of your organization and industry. Features such as dynamic slotting, task interleaving, order-processing, end-to-end serial number tracking, user language item descriptions, and carrier compliance labelling are what help in adding value to today's warehouse personnel. The system also provides for strategic warehouse planning activities such as in-depth quality control, wave organization, quote management, and storage optimization with the use of multiple pick and put-away methods. The biggest value addition to end-users is the Warehouse Director - an iPad app that aids in communication, collaboration and alert notifications for achieving the end goal of smooth, streamlined and successful warehouse operations.

 Integrated infor Ming.le

Distribution and logistics based organizations have realized that there are often internal bottlenecks to achieving the level of speed and agility required for meeting the demands of today's fast paced marketplace. With the newly introduced Infor Ming.le solution, communication is restricted to being real-time, relevant and recoverable - making decision making and execution a productive experience that is in-line with customers' expectations.

 Advanced business Intelligence

Real-time role-based reports, visual metrics and customized dashboards are just some of the analytic features offered by Infor SCE. The in-context analytics feature is what adds value to all members of the organization, right from strategic decision makers to daily executioners, by providing easy, visual, and colour-coded access to inventory counts, balances, rates, rules, costs and estimates.

 Voice enablement

For the folks on the field and in the warehouse, the hands-free way of execution is what works best. Taking note of this important aspect, Infor SCE has been designed to include voice-activated communications related to picking, replenishment, packing and cycle management activities, giving organizations a much needed boost towards warehouse efficiencies.

 Advanced kitting

With customers becoming increasingly conscious about packaging and assembly details, smart organizations can differentiate themselves by focusing on providing tailor-made services to buyers without compromising on operational efficiencies. Infor SCE provides special features to support advanced kitting functionalities, accessory handling, customized labelling, small parcel packaging and shipping, all optimized towards creating world-class warehouse facilities.


 Transparent transportation costs

Organizations can save significantly from their operating expenses just by having warehouse and transport functionalities being managed from a common system. Tactical what-if analysis and finding the most cost effective routes and carriers for daily and multi-period deliveries are just some of the benefits of using INFOR SCE's transport planning and scheduling features. Advanced techniques such as shipment bundling, driver compliance management, real-time traffic navigation and sustainable initiatives for energy optimization and emission reductions are all part of the grand scheme to make logistics and distribution a speedy and customer oriented industry.

 Satisified labour

A content and happy workforce is one of the most important contributors towards an organization's peak performance. The Infor SCE system has an intelligent labour management system for conducting project planning, forecasting, tracking, work distribution, task-direction, performance measurement and compliance adherence activities as per industry recognized standards.

 Packaged integrations

In addition to having a common database for transportation, warehouse, labour and logistics functionalities, the Infor SCE product allows for easy extension via the Infor ION integration mechanism. Pre-built connectors are provided for Infor systems such as Distribution SX.e, System21, LN, LX, M3, Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine), Adage, Lawson and XA, whilst integration to non-ERP systems is equally easy using multiple industry standard technologies.

 Accurate billing and collections

Outstanding amounts can be greatly reduced by utilizing the billing features of Infor SCE. Global organizations have multiple levels of charges related to freight, transport, shipment, duties, cross-docking, labour payments etc. Infor SCE's billing and collections feature is designed to make all order, invoice and shipment related information transparent, time-bound and person independent, thus empowering customer organizations to achieve their financial goals of smooth cash-flow and maximum profitability.

 Readymade base reports

The Infor SCE system comes with 100+ in-built reports related to the challenges and solutions of the global supply-chain industry. Easy customization and deployment of dashboards for managers, financial controllers, customers, suppliers and administrators makes the Infor SCE product a winning solution for today's best-in-class, highly efficient, and environment conscious supply chain based organizations.